VegasTechFund-backed Wedgies is a real-time platform that aggregates data and creates better interaction through questions. Wedgies polls take less than 30 seconds to make and once a poll is shared, votes are counted in real time.
The Las Vegas based team recently announced their users can now easily see where polls are getting votes, views, and shares from with improved poll analytics.
“Analytics are available for every poll on your Wedgies dashboard,” the team writes on their blog. “Try it out for yourself by clicking on the ‘Analytics’ tab for any poll, or take a look below to get a quick look at the updated feature. When you share a poll across multiple channels, it’s easy to see where you’re getting the most engagement.
Users can quickly see the number of poll views by channel and a list of top 10 traffic referrers. They can also find out which social networks are getting the most shares for polls, making it easier to focus future efforts to spread the word about polls.
Read more about the feature announcement here.