Alan Snel of the Las Vegas Review Journal sits down with VegasTechFund-backed Rolltech in this piece “App lets bowlers track and share scores and stats.
“Passionate bowler Rich Belsky wanted to track his improving scores digitally. How about creating an app that tracks bowling scores in real time by tapping into bowling centers’ scoring systems and sharing stats with fellow pin pals?” Alan Snel writes.
“Enter Rolltech, an app launched by the 35-year-old Belsky, a once-aspiring sports agent and former poker magazine writer who is selling bowlers on the app’s features,” he continues. “Rolltech, fueled by 15 investors and about $1 million in startup costs, has partnered with 10 bowling centers in six states, including bowling alleys at Red Rock Resort, Sunset Station and South Point in Las Vegas. The other participating states are Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, California and Washington.”
Learn more about how Rolltech is expected to soon grow to 13 bowling centers in seven states (with the goal of reaching 60 bowling centers in 15 to 20 states by year’s end) and what bowlers are saying about the app here.
About Rolltech: Rolltech is the future of bowling. We give bowlers the opportunity to join the rest of the technological and social media fueled world by offering automatic, real-time score and stats tracking, sharing, challenging and points earning/redemption. Rolltech enhances existing bowling center revenue streams and give centers unprecedented access to their customers through our Center portal. We know our 100M+ market extremely well, know how to reach them, and have a clear path to profitability.