On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Robocoin unveiled its new Bitcoin ATM in Mountain View at the 500 Startups’ Bitcoinferance. It then was moved to a permanent home down the block at Coinage, LLC.
The Las Vegas-based company was the first to install a Bitcoin ATM in the U.S. last month — and it’s expanding quickly,wrote Biz Carson in Gigaom.  “The company’s first ATM debuted in Vancouver in October 2013 and Robocoin has since added a second in Canada, four ATMs in Texas and just shipped 10 units overseas. The majority of this happened in the last month under the shadow of MtGox’s collapse and the confusion over Satoshi Nakamoto.

Read more about the big news on Gigaom here.
About Robocoin: Robocoin is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin by combining the trust and automation of online exchanges with the expedience and convenience of in-person cash transactions. Robocoin is located in Las Vegas, NV.
About Bitcoinference: The day before the 2014 Commercism conference, 500 Startups hosted 100+ commerce startups, e-retailers, and thought leaders for the ultimate meet ‘n’ geek at their Mountain View, CA HQ. The half-day bitcoin un-conference featured keynote talks, expert panels, self-organized breakout sessions, and an evening networking mixer.