About 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, the town of Boulder City, Nevada has made a name for itself as the home of Nevada Solar One, a giant solar thermal energy power plant that produces enough power to take 20,000 cars off the roads a year.
Now, Boulder City is aiming to stake a new claim to fame: home to the Aerodrome, the world’s first droneport, a facility aimed primarily at education for commercial users of unmanned aerial systems, but also recreational users and even drone racers.
“The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry envisions an unprecedented $82.1 billion growth between 2015 and 2025,” an Aerodrome document claims, “generating at least 103,000 new, high-paying jobs. But the industry faces a crippling talent gap between the number of new jobs that will need to be filled and an undeveloped pool of trained individuals and groups needed to command this bold new skyscape…Aerodrome exists to fill the gap between need and opportunity. We are uniquely prepared to help meet the increasing demand for an unmanned systems workforce.”
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