The Innevation Center is a one-of-a-kind public/private conference, collaboration & coworking environment created by Switch. The mission is to boost and diversify Nevada’s economy. Below is top news that happened for The Innevation Center during the week of September 8, 2014.
#1 – Tech Talk Tuesday: iPhone 6
“Of course we’re going to talk about the new iPhone 6 on this lovely Tech Talk Tuesday!” wrote The Innevation Center team on their blog. “Isn’t it beautiful? So smart, so sleek, so special. Featuring the new iOS 8 system, faster speeds, an improved camera for video, a more powerful chip and processor, even better resolution, and more, the new iPhone does not fail to impress. Haven’t seen it? Check out Apple’s website for a few minutes of solid “ooo”ing and “aaah”ing.”
#2 – Congratulations, Local Motors
The team at The Innevation Center congratulated local company Local Motors on being named the 9th most influential company on 3D printing by
“The company just announced their plans to 3D print a car as part of their Printed Car Design Challenge to incorporate additive manufacturing in vehicle development,” The Innevation Center team wrote on their blog. “Local Motors combines co-creation and micro-manufacturing to bring hardware innovations to market at unprecedented speed. Its global co-creation community is made up of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators and professionals. To be named among giants like Amazon, Home Depot, Intel, and GE is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations, Local Motors!”