The Innevation Center just launched a new blog! Below is top news that happened during the week of March 24, 2014.
#1 – Venture for America Seeks Homes for Hungry Hustlers
Venture for America is a program for young, talented grads to spend two years in the trenches of a start-up with the goal that these graduates will become socialized and mobilized as entrepreneurs moving forward. VFA, which brought 15 recent grads to Downtown Project over the past 2 years, is expanding in Las Vegas and is seeking for companies interested in interviewing and potentially hiring 2014 Fellows as full-time team members. Get more information on The Innevation Center blog here.
#2 – NV STEM Coalition Seeks Volunteers
The team at The Innevation Center shares  the mission of the Nevada STEM Coalition and some facts about STEM:

  • Did you know that 80-90% of all jobs of the future will require skills in science, technology, engineering, or math?
  • Did you know that by about the 4th grade, many students have already decided whether or not they are good in science and math?
  • Did you know Nevada’s students are underperforming in math and science, especially our minority and at-risk populations?

Learn more about how you can help with the NV STEM Coalition’s efforts to increase student interest, excellence, competitiveness and participation in science, technology, engineering, and math fields in the State of Nevada.