The Innevation Center is a one-of-a-kind public/private conference, collaboration & coworking environment created by Switch. The mission is to boost and diversify Nevada’s economy. Below is top news that happened for The Innevation Center during the week of July 14th, 2014.
#1 – NodeBots Day Las Vegas
NodeBots Day is back!
“We had a great time hosting it last year and this year, it’s being hosted at the supercool Pololu Robotics & Electronics on July 26th, 2014,” said The Innevation Center team on their blog.
NodeBots are robots that are controlled by node.js. A NodeBots event is a full day event where JS developers team up in groups of 3 with soldering irons and parts nearby to create amazing robotic devices. At a NodeBots event, teams of up to 3 people hack together Arduino based robots and program it all using just JavaScript! If you have no idea what an LED is or a resistor for that matter, have no fear – NodeBot experts will be readily available to help you hardware hack, solder, and 3D print your way to a full fledged NodeBot. At the end of the day we’ll have a Sumo Competition interlaced with project demos from anyone who wants to present.
Get registered to attend here.
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