On September 14, 2015, the Nevada Transportation Authority gave both ride-sharing startups Lyft and Uber permits to operate in Las Vegas. Governor Brian Sandoval signed a hard-won bill into law this summer, paving the way for the permits that will now allow people to summon a ride using their smartphones.
“From Summerlin to Henderson, East Las Vegas to the Strip, we’re offering everyone a convenient and affordable way to get around. And this is only the beginning — we look forward to bringing a ton of fun and memorable experiences to Vegas in the months ahead,” reads the Lyft blog post.
Uber is also fully operational in Vegas starting today. From Uber:
“Yesterday, we were officially permitted to operate by the State of Nevada by the Nevada Transportation Authority, and now we are live! We are excited to be a part of the Nevada community and to offer another option for people from Henderson to North Las Vegas to Reno to connect with a safe, reliable, convenient ride at the touch of a button.”
The permit to operate is a feather in the cap for both ride-hailing startups. Vegas is heavy with tourist traffic and could be a boon to more suburban residents, as well. Both companies have been working with the Nevada government for months to get the permits for that reason.
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