In a May 29, 2014 article in Las Vegas Weekly titled “15 Burning Questions about Downtown Las Vegas“,  the publication staff explores the quickly changing scene in Downtown Las Vegas.
“Thanks to entrepreneurs, rapid-fire development and a certain near-billionaire, the heart of the city is changing fast. We know we like all the options for grabbing a pizza or a happy hour drink, but there’s so much we still don’t know about the Valley’s buzziest neighborhood. Here, we answer more than a dozen questions big and small about Downtown,” their team writes.
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See answers to questions like “What as the VegasTechFund been funding anyway?” with shout outs to #VegasTech companies like Rolltech, Wedgies, Moveline, and OrderWithMe.
You can also find answers to burning questions like “What happened to Vegas StrEATs?” and “Can I live at Gold Spike?”
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