Mark Rowland, CEO of Downtown Project Ventures, talks with Las Vegas Weekly staff writer Kristy Totten almost a year since he took over DTP’s business operations.
He says Downtown Las Vegas today is worlds apart from what it was in 2012 when he first visited.
“It’s like, ‘Oh my God, there’s restaurants, there are cafés. Wow, there’s Container Park. Gold Spike’s changed; you can’t smoke inside anymore.’ There’s a lot of things a lot of people should be really proud of,” he tells Totten in this interview. “A lot of players have put a lot of effort … into turning Fremont Street into something radically different than what it was before.”
When asked what he’d still like to see Downtown, Rowland doesn’t hesitate: “more humans.”
He says that’s DTP’s main focus for 2016, when the company will try to attract “four buckets,” or four key demographics to Fremont Street—locals who don’t live Downtown, tourists, new businesses and new residents.
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