On May 8, 2014, Entrepreneur.com published “3 Alternative Tech Startup Cities With Less Traffic, More Housing” by John Solari.
“Silicon Valley’s powerful entrepreneurial economy has resulted in some major downsides: gridlocked traffic, high housing prices and a growing and aggressive tech backlash,” John Solari writes. “Today, three cities previously known more as vacation destinations are now legitimate alternatives to Silicon Valley life at a much more affordable price. For the adventurous startup or mature tech company, there’s life beyond red taillights, long commutes and protesters blockading buses.”
Las Vegas, Denver and Reno landed in John Solari’s top three alternative tech startup cities.
“Mix together a vibrant startup culture with world-class recreation or entertainment. And they all do it in places with plenty of affordable housing, a few million fewer highway-clogging cars and minus the debate over gentrification,” he writes. 
“Tony Hsieh gets credit for jump-starting Las Vegas’ startup scene with his $350 million Downtown Project, but the city has grown into much more than his personal project,” he writes about Las Vegas. “Switch Communication’s founder, Rob Roy, is pumping money and energy into the InNEVation Center, a collaboration space that delivers some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world (courtesy of his company’s SuperNAP data center) and serves as a meeting place for startup and economic development events.”
John Solari  says Las Vegas has distinct competitive advantages.
“Las Vegas is an hour’s flight away from California’s two biggest population centers and the center of the convention and trade show universe,” he explains. “Representatives of the largest companies in the world touch down for business networking and product launches. Las Vegas has affordable housing and business costs, anchor businesses like Zappos and Switch Communications and a year-round industry-event schedule. Median home prices are $164,700, according to Zillow; about half a million dollars less than San Jose’s.”
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