The Innevation Center celebrated Startup Day Across America 2015 by highlighting eight local startups and small businesses.
“We’re proud to support the #VegasTech community and give these awesome entrepreneurs the attention they deserve,” the team wrote on their blog. You can see videos the team filmed throughout the day here.
Below are the 8 businesses The Innevation Center highlighted on August 19, 2015:
Jennifer Web Design is a group of Las Vegas-based web design professionals. They’ve been in business for 15 years and work closely with clients to assure that their website is going to meet their goals and be scalable over time. JWD provides web design, web development, mobile website design, responsive web design, web animation, e-commerce solutions, graphic design and search engine optimization. All work is done in-house at Innevation and they can be reached [email protected] for a free consultation.

Originate is a close-knit team of designers, developers and product strategists. They design, build and invest in meaningful software products and companies. Since moving to Innevation, Originate has grown its staff 4x and has partnered with amazing companies and organizations in Vegas. Originate stays involved in volunteer work that helps companies and individuals succeed in Nevada. They work with leaders and visionaries on several advisory boards, and have been helping manage several educational groups for the community. Reach them at [email protected] for information.
Banjo instantly organizes the world’s social and digital signals by location, giving an unprecedented level of understanding of what’s happening anywhere in the world, in real time. Since joining Innevation, Banjo has quadrupled its Vegas staff, moved into its own suite, and raised more than $100 million. They also launched Banjo Enterprise and Banjo for Media and were featured in a 9-page story in the April issue of Inc. Download the app or email [email protected].
JusCollege is a travel and experience planner geared toward college students. They help groups of students plan spring break, holiday weekend and Greek organization trips to destinations around the world. JusCollege moved into Innevation with 11 employees and recently hired employee number 40. In the last two years, JusCollege has seen nearly 4x revenue growth and 7x the number of campuses served. They’ve also increased from 15 to more than 50 destinations in the US, Mexico and Canada! Visit to get in touch and plan your next trip.
Secured IT Solutions, a startup firm launched in 2014, provides specialized services in Cyber Security, IT and Management consulting. A key differentiator is the combination of small business agility and big business leadership and experience. The firm’s officers and partners have significant proven experience in large enterprises and complex environments within private and public sectors. They’ve been helping various size organizations become more secure, protect their vital information assets, reduce operational risk, become compliant with regulations and enhance organizational performance. SecITSol delivers services through a skilled set of technical professionals, many of whom are thought-leaders within their particular fields of expertise. To contact them, email CEO My-ngoc Nguyen (“Menop Wynn”) at [email protected].
Green Our Planet is a nonprofit conservation organization that operates a free crowdfunding platform to help individuals and organizations reach their mission goals while supporting innovative education and conservation efforts. It partners with foundations, individuals, organizations and corporations to collectively create positive impact in environmental education and change. Green Our Planet also runs one of the fastest-growing school garden programs in the US, The Outdoor Garden Classroom. In the last year, Green Our Planet increased from 33 to 75 school gardens and won several distinguished grants and awards including the American Honda Foundation 2014 grant, Health Hero of the Year 2014 from the SN Health District, Best Community Organization of the Year 2014 from USGBC and the Consumer Electronics Association 2015 top award. [email protected] to contact the team.
Homing In was founded in Las Vegas in 2012 by real estate brokers Todd Miller and Oana Sterlacci to solve two fundamental problems in real estate. The first was to give consumers a better idea of their home value and the second was to provide on-demand showings for listed properties. Consumers tend to rely on sites like Zillow for their home value.  Since valuing a house is a qualitative decision, not a quantitative one, Homing In believes that people do a better job than computers. The app was selected as one of the most innovative real estate apps of 2014 by Inman News. The team also founded its own real estate tech incubator called Hatch It, designed to help incubate disruptive real estate technologies. Homing In and HomeBuzz are the two inaugural companies. Interested entrepreneurs can apply at Engineering and marketing is outsourced for now, but the team would be interested in having local talent help them, too! Give Todd a call at (702) 218-2819.
KSixKSIX was founded on the principle that making money, having fun and ensuring long-term success can all go hand-in-hand. While the name may be new, they’ve been involved in Affiliate Marketing since 2005, playing a leading role in the growth of the Incentive CPA industry. Their knowledge and expertise on the Advertiser side dramatically increases revenue, while maintaining tight control over costs. Their performance-based marketing solutions drive traffic and conversions while maintaining the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) business model. By running Ksix’s offers, Affiliates generate additional income from their websites, email lists, search engine marketing programs and other activities. They pride themselves on providing customers with the best possible customer service. They like to have fun, but they’re serious about helping customers make money. Email [email protected] to learn more.