Switch SUPERNAP is the world’s leader in data center ecosystem design, development and mission critical operations, providing unrivaled independent solutions for colocation, connectivity, cloud and collaboration ecosystems.
“Switch SUPERNAP represents innovation, security and reliability for more than 1,000 global clients from sophisticated startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses,” says Adam Kramer, VP of Innevation. “Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch SUPERNAP, is the technology inventor and designer of the SUPERNAP. Rob Roy’s 218 patented and patent pending claims on data center systems, designs and related industry technologies, have change the technology landscape. Rob Roy has built Nevada’s most successful technology startup.”
Switch SUPERNAP’s mission is to provide  clients with the greatest return on investment and innovation in the USA and around the globe.
“Our stand-alone, purpose-built, mission critical data centers will keep businesses running at peak performance, at the best possible pricing, with the latest technology solutions available,” he explained.
The team as Switch SUPERNAP said they were very excited to see collaboration expand and see the growth of the Vegas Tech community. “It is not only great for the people of Nevada, but also for those who may choose to move to Nevada!” Adam Kramer exclaimed.
In addition to the Switch SUPERNAP data facility, the team operates The Innevation Center. This space provides colocation of offices and technology ecosystems and collaboration of “like and unlike minds.”

The Innevation Center 2

“The space dedicated to seeing companies win, and win big, for Nevada!” he explained. “We exist to stimulate the diversification and growth of the Nevada economy utilizing our physical space, relationships and the powers of the SUPERNAP to make a difference. Rob Roy, the founder and CEO of Switch SUPERNAP, created The Innevation Center to pay forward his success in Nevada. Switch SUPERNAP can help startups by connecting them to the most powerful data ecosystem in the world. Their global clients are the perfect connections to potential clients, partnerships and big collaborative wins. Innevation can help startups by providing them physical space for colocation, collaboration and cowinning.”

The Innevation Center

There are a wide variety of companies who call The Innevation Center home.
“We have a combination of members that work out of Innevation; from emerging tech companies like Banjo, Orion Networks and Paystr, to industry giants like Intel. We also have 15 different non-profits and community collaborators like UNLV, Nevada State College, The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, Guinn Center For Policy Priorities and Nevada Succeeds,” Adam Kramer said.
Interested in touring these awesome Las Vegas tech facilities? Schedule a tour to see it all for yourself! A tour of SUPERNAP and Innevation can be set up by sending an email to [email protected].
What’s on deck next for Switch SUPERNAP and Innevation?
“More cowinning in the name of Nevada!” Adam Kramer says. “In 2014 alone we’ve already had more than 3,000 people come to Innevation for events hosted by The Brookings Institution, UNLV, The Public Education Foundation, Red Cross, CCSD and more! We’ve had new community partners move in and now call Innevation home, such as the US Green Building Council, The Fulfillment Fund and The Nevada STEM Coalition. Also, we’re seeing our companies that already call Innevation home like Banjo, Originate and Jus College continue to grow.”
“Switch SUPERNAP recently announced the formation of SUPERNAP International as part of a joint venture with Accelero Capital Holdings and Orascom TMT Investments,” he continued. “This is going to allow Switch SUPERNAP to take its Tier IV-rated designs and help further drive our client initiatives worldwide by providing enhanced accessibility to SUPERNAP ecosystems. Switch will continue to grow and make a difference for Nevada’s economy.”
About Switch SUPERNAP: SUPERNAP, an independent, privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada USA and expanding around the globe, is driving vital transformation in the technology infrastructure industry. SUPERNAP data centers are the only certified Uptime Institute Tier IV rated colocation facilities in North America. Furthermore, SUPERNAP provides extreme return on investment benefits through unrivaled connectivity, cloud and collaboration ecosystems.
About The Innevation Center: The inNEVation Center is the first public / private economic diversification effort of its kind. We bring together entrepreneurs. Business leaders. Mentors. Investors. Educators. And government agencies. In other words, everyone it takes to build an economy of superheroic proportions.