Local Las Vegas tech startup NiLi promises to be users’ personal nightlife concierge in the form of a mobile app.  Users can search through a curated list of NiLi events to find the perfect event or venue. Then, users can contact a NiLi Concierge and the team will connect the user with the best deals in town and take care of the booking process.
Dylan Osborn“The idea behind NiLi started during my junior year of college at USC in one of my entrepreneurship classes,” explained Dylan Osborn, NiLi Founder. “We were assigned our semester long project, which essentially required us to start and develop our own product and business plan. As someone who enjoyed the nightlife scene in LA but saw apparent flaws in how it functioned, I decided to build a product to solve a specific problem. NiLi is app that provides nightlife goers a simple way to digest the latest info on local venues and upcoming events, and a simple solution for venues to promote their venue and upcoming events to locals and visitors alike.”
Now that Osborn has graduated from USC, he is working full time on NiLi.  NiLi is Osborn’s very first venture.
“Building NiLi and everything it entails has been an amazing learning process for myself, as I have built everything on my own thus far,” he said. “As this is the first business and application I have built, I have to be extremely resourceful and efficient. The biggest challenge was getting the app developed, but after lots of research I was able to find a solution that fit perfectly.”
Osborn says the Las Vegas market is the perfect place for NiLi to have a presence.
“It is one of the biggest nightlife capitals in the world,” he said. “The majority of people who travel to Vegas are seeking nightlife as part of the experience, so it only makes since that NiLi should cater to them. While there are plenty of venues to visit on the strip, there isn’t one easy newsfeed of what events are coming up and how to make reservations. That’s where NiLi comes in.”
The help NiLi grow, Osborn ask that the #VegasTech community try using NiLi and his Concierge Service so he can gather feedback on the experience.
“We actually have a “Feedback” section on the app, where you can send your comments to us directly,” he said. “Because NiLi is in the early stages as a startup, we really want to utilize this time to refine the reservation hotline system as best as possible.”
In addition, Osborn says gaining connections to more local venues in Las Vegas would be helpful to the startup’s growth.
“This allows us to gain access to more discounts and deals which in turn are passed on to our app users,” he said.
Osborn predicts that 2016 will be a successful year for NiLi. The team aims to not only change how party goers discover their local nightlife scene, but also how venues and DJs promote their upcoming events. They also hope to provide the easiest way to book a VIP nightlife experience on a budget.
“We are looking to gain significant traction in our initial markets (LA, SF, Las Vegas), and to jumpstart the “Hotline Reservation” system we recently added,” he explained. “I really would like to create more partnerships with Venues in those cities, and to start partnering with local DJs so we can work together in promotion.”