Las Vegas tech startup Text Safe Teens has created an app to help curb distracted teen drivers from utilizing their cellphones while operating an automobile. The app is called Drive Safe Mode to hopefully put an end to drivers being distracted by their cell phones.
The application allows users to monitor or control the devices most often linked to distracted driving, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This #VegasTech team is not only committed to increasing public awareness of the problem of distracted driving, but dedicated to providing a full suite of tools able to reduce incidences of distracted driving and save lives.
The team recently won Cox Business’ entrepreneurial award competition Get Started Las Vegas, which was an event to highlight entrepreneurs who pitched their idea to a panel of experts.
“This was a huge win for us, and it was really an honor to be recognized by a group of panelists who are already out there making great business ideas happen,” Greg Ekborg, Director of Marketing for Text Safe Teens, said in this release. “We’ve believed all along that DriveSafe Mode is a technology that provides a critically needed solution to distracted teen drivers, and it’s already saving lives. To have that belief validated by winning Get Started Las Vegas provides us a huge boost and shows we’re on our way to becoming something special.”
Read more about what the team is up to in their recent coverage in the Las Vegas Review Journal.
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Drive Safe Mode