David BriggsDavid Briggs, CEO of Neo3Do, describes himself as a perpetual optimist and adventurer focused on community growth and the betterment of education and entertainment through the use of new tech.
Las Vegas-based company Neo3Do is leading the emerging industry of Glasses Free 3D Android tablets.
“We crowdfunded our 3D tablet company on Indiegogo just 7 months ago and have since been featured on NYTimes, Venture Beat, The Next Web, Consumer Reports and many more,” David Briggs said. “In the past few months we have had orders from Ingram Micro, Sears and Fry’s as well as interest from Radio Shack, Walmart and many others.”
David Briggs says he and his business partner Nick Spriggs are attempting the shift the paradigm of entertainment and education from a flat view to one with intriguing volumetric views that excite the eyes and brain.
“My partner Nick Spriggs and I moved out to Las Vegas to take part in this explosively energetic and creative community,” he explained. “We decided this would be the perfect place to grow for many reasons including the amazing conventions that take place here, the inspire theatre and the fantastic random collisions.”

“Our tech has parallels directly into 3D Printing, Occulus Rift, Sony and Glyph content, Augmented reality, 3D visualization and next generation education,” David Briggs says.
The local Las Vegas press and the national press are taking notice of Neo3Do.
“We have recently been covered by the Las Vegas Review Journal with our friends at WizzComm. We have been reported on by NYTimes, VentureBeat, The Next Web, Laptop magazine and more!” says David Briggs.