The team at Charitweet believes charity fundraising is broken.
We are seeking to fix fundraising’s main maladies. Donating is often inconvenient and time consuming. Non-profit advertising creates a disconnect between the call to action and performing the action,” explains Julia Moran, PR and Social Media Consultant for Charitweet. “Traditional fundraising methods, such as telemarketing, sidewalk solicitors, and event coordinators, a take 60-80% of a donor’s contribution, leaving a very small amount for the charities.
CharitweetCharitweet allows people to donate to charity with a tweet, harnessing the power of viral marketing in a way that nonprofits have been unable to do until now. The platform combines this powerful advertising with inexpensive, quick, and simple fundraising, for a revolutionary way of driving charitable donations, ” says Julia Moran.
Donors simply include @chrtwt, the Twitter @handle of your desired charity, and the dollar amount you wish to donate in your tweet.
We’ll tweet back an easy, one-step checkout to complete the donation. After your first donation, you’re able to donate to any of our affiliate charities simply by tweeting at them!” she says.
Charitweet’s founder and CEO is Charles Huang, an MIT grad and Vegas local. “When he’s not busy being a bull in a china shop, he’s trying to learn everything about everything,” says Julia Moran.
Patrick Marx, co-founder and CTO, is also an MIT grad. “He puts his computer science degree to work making the world suck less,” explains Julia Moran.
Charles Huang went to high school in Las Vegas, and was excited to see that a burgeoning tech community had developed while he was away at school.
He quit his glamorous Silicon Valley job to start Charitweet, but decided to move home for more than just financial reasons,” explains Julia Moran when asked why Charitweet is located in Las Vegas. “It was clear to him that Vegas was providing entrepreneurs like him with a place to test their ideas and get great support in an inclusive community, which was a huge asset. It’s also way more affordable to start a business here than most cities!
The team at Charitweet says they are loving what has developed around the tech community in Vegas and have seen first-hand the support that everyone gives each other.
We’d love it if the #VegasTech gang could like us on Twitter and spread the word about what we are doing. Trying out a Charitweet wouldn’t hurt either!” their team says.
About Charitweet:  Donate to charity with a tweet. Follow @chrtwt on Twitter to start saving the world today. More money to the people who need it, less money wasted on ineffective nonprofit advertising. Empower donors with a single, omnipresent channel to donate to any charity in less than 5 seconds. Enable charities to simultaneously cut marketing costs and increase awareness with donor-driven viral marketing.