In a brand new Meetup in the #VegasTech community, attendees will discuss tools and strategies for implementing Machine Learning systems in the context of startup and entrepreneurship.
Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look.
Chris Mohritz“Machine Learning is radically transforming the intelligence capabilities and velocity of modern business — which makes it an incredibly powerful tool for savvy entrepreneurs,” said organizer Chris Mohritz. “Yet, historically, Machine Learning has had a steep learning curve — and a high price tag. But recent advancements have put this game-changer within reach of anyone. So now is the time for tech entrepreneurs and startups to start tapping into this into transformative technology. The Machine Learning: Las Vegas Meetup intends to bridge the gap and provide Vegas entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies for leveraging machine learning in their business.”
Mohritz said this Meetup was created for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, whether they are in startup mode or running an existing business. It’s for those looking for effective ways to create smart applications, structure for massive scaling, or automate business processes.
“As a high profile technology, machine learning provides Las Vegas with a great opportunity to make waves in the tech startup world,” he said. “If we can can rack up a few success stories in startups using machine learning, it could be a great way to attract more startups and tech talent to Las Vegas.”
Below are some of the topics Mohritz hopes the Meetup will dive into:

  • Predicting customer behavior
  • Recommending high-conversion products
  • Delivering ultra-relevant content
  • Monitoring brand sentiment
  • Proactive customer support

“Meetup discussions will be focused on the practical business uses of machine learning, not the (mind-numbing) algorithms underlying how it works,” he explained. “We’ll leave those discussions to the statisticians. Each meeting consists of two segments, 1 hour each – “Food for thought” and “Actionables.” In the first segment, we’ll discuss how different aspects of machine learning are changing our world and the opportunities they open up for entrepreneurs. In the second segment, we’ll dive into step-by-step guides around implementing various elements of machine learning into business functions.”
Mohritz emphasizes that all skill levels welcome in this Meetup. Attendees will learn and share about the opportunities Machine Learning is opening up.
“The greatest successes will be local entrepreneurs creating startups using Machine Learning technologies,” he said. “And, of course, we’re always open to like-minded sponsors and speakers.”
Mohritz said when he started creating this new Meetup, he explored a few different locations.
“I ultimately decided on The Innevation Center for this Meetup because I see it as a hub for the Las Vegas tech and startup scenes,” he said. “And to keep things convenient for the attendees, I also wanted to keep the venue close to some of the other related tech Meetups running out of The Innevation Center.”
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