VegasTechFund-backed Digital Royalty is a social communication and education company. Digital Royalty’s agency division develops digital integration and social media strategies for corporate and entertainment brands, professional athletes, celebrities, sports teams and leagues.
Amy Jo Martin“Our goal is to empower brands to be human and inspire personal connections to positively disrupt the world,” said Amy Jo Martin, CEO of Digital Royalty.
Amy Jo founded Digital Royalty in 2009 to help companies, celebrities, professional sports leagues, teams and athletes build, measure and monetize their digital universe. Amy Jo has more than 1.2 million followers (@AmyJoMartin) and travels the world to speak about the latest trends in social media, how to successfully build a personal brand, and ways to innovate your personal and professional life. Amy Jo is a fearless snowboarder and is unashamed in her addiction to candy corn. Her favorite Core Value is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”.
Digital Royalty is seeking talented, passionate Renegades for the following roles:

  • Social Strategist – Middle manager level 4-6+ years experience in digital/social strategy, measurement, client management experience, familiar with social ad buying/management, community management experience with large brands, etc.
  • Creative Director – Creative concepting (campaign development) and strong copywriter. Doesn’t necessarily need to have software/design skills but that’s always a nice plus.
  • Social Coordinator – 1-2 years of social/community management experience

‘The most community-minded city in the world is being built right now in Downtown Las Vegas thanks to the vision of Tony Hsieh who believes, “If we fix the cities, we fix the world.” He envisioned and is funding a $350 million project to to revitalize downtown and turn into a hub of thoughtful, innovative, and globally minded businesses that change the world one city at a time,” said Amy Jo Martin. “We are proud to be partnered with Tony, the VegasTechFund, and ALL the participants in this wonderful community.”
Amy Jo Martin says the team at Digital Royalty works with clients with whom they believe have an equal and ongoing value exchange.
“Hilton Worldwide, MLB Chicago White Sox, American Red Cross, LPGA, etc.” she said. “Social Media is an equal opportunity space. Be accountable, be transparent, be human. We work with clients that understand that humans connect with humans – not logos.”
Jessica Smith“Each individual from our CEO to our interns have their own personal brand. Everyone has the power to make a positive influence,” said Jessica Smith, Assistant to Amy Jo Martin. “We support, encourage, learn, respect, and grow from each other on a daily basis. We are not just coworkers, we are family. We are #teamrenegades.”
If interested in joining the team, visit Digital Royalty’s careers page here.
“Be prepared to work hard, have fun, inject zaniness in your day (possibly have a dance party?) At Digital Royalty we all wear many different hats and we are constantly challenged and rewarded by pushing ourselves and those around us,” says Jessica Smith. “Innovation allergies be gone.”