American Dream U is assisting military members with their transition into their dream jobs or business ownership with help from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs.
American Dream U is a non profit dedicated to helping our military get the education and access to resources they need to find their dream job or to start a business of their own.
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“We’re based out of Vegas, our events and programs are at military bases and online, said founder Phil Randazzo. “We plan to hold events on bases across the world and we’re dedicated to providing the best speakers, tools, and information. It is thanks to our military that we live in a country where the entrepreneurial dream is possible.”
Veterans learn the job hunting skills they will need to jump to the top of the resume stack and land your dream job. The American Dream U also helps aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business, but need a plan and framework to successfully start a company in their accelerator program.
“183,000 servicemen and women are being asked to leave the military prematurely,” Phil Randazzo said. “Our mission over the next 12 months is events at 4 military bases reaching 4,500 troops at the event and another 12,000 online, 3 years reach 25,000 at bases and 30,000 online, 5 years 100,000 online and 40,000 in total at all the bases. We want to have help create 1,600 new business and 14,000 find their Dream Jobs.”