Tech Cocktail is a media company that does local startup news & events. The team’s goal is to coalesce, cover, and support the startup and entrepreneurial communities in every city across the world. The company is currently actively operating in 35 cities across the United States with our hubs being DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami.
Tech Cocktail Week
The second week of each month, Tech Cocktail hosts Tech Cocktail Week. Tech Cocktail Week welcomes the public for inspiring speaker sessions and a startup showcase mixer.
“Tech Cocktail Week is a retreat/mini-conference that brings 20-30 startup founders, investors, and media together in downtown Las Vegas, to be inspired by each other, the community, and their surroundings,” explains Justin Thorp, VP of Marketing & Community Development. “It was started as a collaboration between Tech Cocktail, Downtown Project, and our investor Tony Hsieh. Our very first Tech Cocktail Week was the 2nd week of December in 2012. While there are some private events for our out of town guests, we specifically build out a Tech Cocktail Week to engineer as many collisionable opportunities between our guests and the general Vegas Tech community as possible.”
The Tech Cocktail team has some treats in store for the April 2014 Tech Week.
“On April 10, 2014, we’ll have the Tech Cocktail Week: Mixer & Startup Showcase. This is an opportunity for the entire Vegas tech community to come together, connect with each other, and check out some of the area’s newest startups,” says Justin Thorp. “Use this link and get 30% off just for the community!”
Then, on April 11, 2014, the team will host Tech Cocktail Week: Sessions with Amber Case. Use this link and get 50% off just for the community!
“These events are always a great opportunity to learn from more experienced entrepreneurs, who’ll share their journey. Amber Case studies the symbiotic interactions between humans and machines — and considers how our values and culture are being shaped by living lives increasingly mediated by high technology,” he said. “She’s been featured in Forbes, WIRED, Time and keynoted SXSW Interactive in 2012. Case co-founded location-based platform Geoloqi in 2010. Geoloqi was acquired by Esri in 2012. If you want to get a preview of Amber, check out her TED talk. It has more than 1 million views.”
If you are interested in learning more about being a Tech Cocktail Week speaker, showcasing your new startup, or being a guest of the week, email Justin Thorp at [email protected].
About Tech Cocktail Week:  It’s the intellect of TEDTalks with the creativity of Summit Series. It’s the fun of SXSW with the intimacy of a small-scale retreat. All this wrapped into a single package hosted in the burgeoning utopia that is Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Downtown Las Vegas. Taking place on the second week of each month, Tech Cocktail Week welcomes the public for inspiring speaker sessions and a startup showcase mixer. Special invitees also get access to coworking and mentorship meetings; exclusive happy hours, dinners, and breakfasts; and fun activities like group hikes, morning yoga, baseball games, and (of course) llama parades. We hand-pick some of the world’s brightest minds, mix with the nation’s hottest startups, and make their insights and projects accessible to YOU: the technophile, the entrepreneur, the hustler. So join us in Downtown Vegas for a few days to enjoy this experience of a lifetime!