WIP Wednesdays
Work In Progress aims to create spaces and experiences that enable entrepreneurs and innovators to create, grow and inspire. The team behind Work In Progress builds spaces and experiences that help people connect with each other and discover new ways to build amazing things.
The team recently announced “WIP Wednesdays” where the #VegasTech community can enjoy free co-working every Wednesday during business hours.
Anna Burkemper“We’re very excited about the co-working space that we have in DTLV and want to get as many people as possible to come down and check it out,” said Anna Burkemper, Community Operations Manager at Work In Progress. “For those who might be on the fence about getting a month to month membership we want them to be able to come in and get a feel for the place and people. It’s just such a great place to work there’s no reason to keep it all to ourselves.”
WIP Wednesdays was originally associated with Community Dinner alone.  Now, the team is inviting the community to come by for the co-working and stay for the Brew & View. At 6pm they will provide snacks and a movie. Brew & View is open to public and BYOB.
Veronica Hoffman“The shift to make WIP Wednesday be a free co-working day was an idea between Anna and myself because we know not everyone is in a situation to afford or have the time to be at our co-working space every day,”explained Veronica Hoffman, Community Operations Manager at Work In Progress.  “WIP Wednesdays is a chance to get a dose of that co-working space feel, with new people comes new ideas and it helps add to the growing tech scene in the Vegas valley.”
Burkemper and Hoffman say members of Work In Progress point to the community created in the space as the reason they like to come co-work.
“People make the place fun and exciting to work in,” said Burkemper. “You can get work done anywhere but it’s actually a good time to come into WIP and see the friendly faces; you’re reminded that there is more to life then just hacking away on your laptop.”
“There are different projects and companies in close proximity with each other here that it’s natural to share praise and encouragement in a place like this,” added Hoffman. “Our members enjoy having people around who can give them advice on one hand but on the other hand they can be friend to grab lunch with. It’s comforting and awesome to build relationships like this! Though our members may be experiencing things on an individual basis they still aren’t alone in their motivations. Entrepreneurs and startups have common goals of solving problems, being innovative, and achieving success. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we are all each other’s “accountabili-buddies” but it’s easier on the mind to know you’re not in this alone. We’re all figuring it out along the way.”