On April 25, 2014, Work In Progress will host a workshop titled Whole Systems Entrepreneurship in the Global Age presented by Jack Butler. He comes to downtown Las Vegas drawn by a strong interest in community development, entrepreneurship, and social change.
“I am passionate about unleashing resources which allow us to fulfil our individual and collective potential,” he said. “Socially-oriented entrepreneurship has been where I have devoted the last decade. I am fascinated by human potential centers (Esalen, Hollyhock, Omega etc.) and curious how this compares to them in outcomes.”

Jack Butler

Jack Butler runs Full Spectrum, global advisory and executive coaching firm for whole-system social entrepreneurs. He helps his clients with practical strategies for more mature leadership, a more integrated life and more leveraged ventures. Jack directed over 100 personal growth investments with social-purpose business Future Foundations that he founded. The organization now does just under $3m in annual revenues and works with over 8000 UK youth a year in transformational and leadership programs. Jack was previously a youth entrepreneurship advisor to Tony Blair’s government and an invitee to Downing Street by Prime Minister David Cameron.
This workshop will cover:

  • Why this is the best the world has ever had it and it’s getting better all the time
  • Why we are in the age of the whole systems social entrepreneur
  • Why both are the key to your impact in the world
  • Why personal responsibility needs to be balanced by collective concern
  • Why power without love is reckless and abusive

Jack Butler says he hopes attendees will learn how having a system levels of thinking makes us more effective and changes how to go about business. He hopes those in the workshop will gain an understanding of vertical learning, and why it is the most important part of leadership development. In a global age, he says we need to inhabit our roles as global citizens and build one human tribe.

“My mission is to support leaders and ventures who are bringing more conscious structures into the world, be that educationally, socially, politically or otherwise, and help them their personal integration and impact,” Jack Butler says. “Full Spectrum living brings together executive coaching and strategic advisory with team formation and investment resources. We support the top 5% of leaders who have a level of development where they circle of concern encompasses all humanity.”
He invites entrepreneurs, business owners, change agents, consultants, coaches and anyone who is interested in personal or collective development to attend this workshop. Get more details here and e-mail [email protected] to reserve your seat!
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