Registration for TEDxReno opened up today and tickets are selling quickly. This event, happening June 6, 2014 at Lear Theatre in Reno, NV, has the goal of inspiring, motivating, and enlightening the local and global audience with stimulating ideas and conversations.
This event is a full day conference filled with a full spectrum of speakers. “In less words: a conference where the goal is to blow your mind,” explains Rory John O’Brien, organizer of the event.
Rory O’Brien explains the the idea for the first TEDxReno came about when four friends were talking about what they could give back to their town.
TEDxReno“Four of us had just graduated from college and have grown up in Reno and we wanted to give back what Reno has given us for so many years,” he said. “We loved the goal of TED and wanted to bring something new and invigorating to Reno. Inspiration and confidence to our local citizenry and then to our global constituents are the areas we serve. We want to instill a broader mindset for our citizens; we want to bring new ideas to the community and inspire the next generation who is going to take Reno to the next level. Primarily it’s local for the day of the event, but all the videos are edited and posted online for the world to view.”
Since that team of four sitting in a local restaurant, the event has grown to meeting up after work craft ideas, and then grew even more.
“It has since grown into a core team of 9 members with an incredible supporting cast of community members, volunteers, and most importantly corporate and local business partners,” he said. “As a non-profit we rely on the goodwill of citizens and local companies to help sponsor this great event. Our event this year is being held at a venue (Lear Theater) that hasn’t allowed the general public inside it for over 12 years. We plan on highlighting this historical gem and turning it into a fully operational venue for the community.”
Rory O’Brien says that TED’s mantra of “Ideas Worth Spreading” is the number one goal at TEDxReno.
“Anyone can transform a community, a country, or even the world with something as “small” as an idea and what better place to promote your idea then on a stage where the goal is for ideas to spread?” he explained.
So, how can #VegasTech get involved?
“We’d love for some #VegasTech companies with profound ideas, visions, and lofty goals to get in contact with us and send us their pitch. Although you can’t promote your start-up directly on stage, there’s nothing wrong with spreading the idea, goal, and passion for why you’re working on your start-up,” Rory O’Brien explained. “All TEDxReno events are livestreamed the entire day of the event, and all videos are uploaded online about 2 weeks after the event and the best way to get involved is to watch the videos and spread those ideas to your social networks.”
He says his favorite TEDxReno talk is Aimal Halims from the 2013 event. “His story is absolutely mesmerizing from being in Afghanistan to now graduating from the University of Nevada. I won’t do it justice trying to describe it here, it’s something you have to experience,” he said.

Last year, TEDxReno also welcomed Las Vegas startup founder Dylan Jorgensen. “Speaking at TEDxReno was a life-changing experience,” Dylan Jorgensen said. “It was my first time visiting Reno and I was blown away by the startup community growing there. It was a great event!”

Rory O’Brien and his team said they would love for everyone to come to TEDxReno on June 6, 2014 at the Lear Theater in Reno. You can purchase tickets here.  They will be live streaming the event online, so tune in if you can’t make it in person.