TBAN presented Tech Nevada Honors on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 1 OAK Nightclub in the Mirage. Tech Nevada Honors is an annual event designed to celebrate those individuals and their companies who have enhanced the growth and prestige of Nevada’s technology community.
The Technology Business Alliance of Nevada is proactively fostering technology business growth in Nevada. TBAN is dedicated to assisting technology-based startups, emerging and growth companies in finding the talent, customers and financing needed to be successful.
Tech Nevada Honors

Most Promising New Start Up: Skyworks Aerial Systems
Skyworks Aerial Systems (“SkyworksAS”) is a hardware company that designs, manufactures, and sells small and adaptable unmanned aerial systems (UAS). SkyworksAS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. SkyworksAS is capable of delivering a variety of solutions to both civil and commercial entities that are interested in integrating UAS in their business operations, as well as facilitating educational, research, and development needs for the UAS industry.

Tech Company of the Year: Banjo
Instantly see what’s happening anywhere in the world right now. Banjo is real time discovery across social networks. Banjo brings the experience of being anywhere in the world through the eyes of the people who are actually there.
Technology Star in the Public Sector: Thomas Wilczek
Thomas Wilczek is a leading policy expert in the development of the unmanned systems industry as an economic development cluster and in the implementation of autonomous systems for civil/commercial use. He was the leader of the successful initiative to secure FAA UAS Test Site designation for Nevada and am the state contact to the FAA for management of the Test Sites.
Entrepreneur of the Year: Zach Ware
Zach Ware lives and works in Downtown Las Vegas where he is part of a passionate group of people building the the most connected large city in the world.  He is the founder and CEO of Project 100, co-founder of Work In Progress and a general partner at VegasTechFund. He also works with Downtown Project and developed the Downtown Las Vegas Campus for Zappos.com.
Tech Transplant: Moveline
Moveline lets people take a video of their stuff and get guaranteed quotes from top moving companies. We make it easy for couples, families, employees and people preparing for a move to quickly gather the information they need to save money, prevent headaches and make smarter moving decisions.
Tech Product of the Year: FSL3D
We make affordable lasers for cutting and engraving starting around $2000. We make our own software RetinaEngrave3D that makes your laser as easy to use as regular printer!

Spirit Award: Downtown Podcast
The Downtown Podcast is a weekly video production filmed by friends, community members, and visitors to share the stories, ideas and people that make the Downtown Las Vegas community so special.
Technology Executive of the Year: Jeff Oberschelp
Jeff Oberschelp is Vice President and General Manager, Nevada at CenturyLink. His notable accomplishments include; business plan development and deployment of PrismTV in the first major metro market for CenturyLink, the rollout of 1Gbps consumer internet offering, capturing consumer market share and significantly improving market profitability.

Zach Ware, Founder & CEO at Project 100 and Tech + Industrial Investments at Downtown Project & VegasTechFund was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. He talked to the Downtown Podcast at the event after receiving his award.
“A few years ago at the first Jelly, we maybe had 5-6 people and it began to grow from there. But, we actually struggled to get those 5-6 people together,” he said. “So to come to an incredibly cool event like this and have all these people here to help grow the tech community is incredibly inspiring. We never could have predicted this 3 years ago.”
Zach Ware