ShopLocket is an e-commerce platform used by hardware entrepreneurs and is also a great resource for entrepreneurs, makers and curious consumers.
“We feature over 55 interviews with influencers and founders, thousands of curated articles, makerspaces across the country, a hardware calendar with events around the world and more!” said Gwen Elliot, Community Manager at ShopLocket. “Also, ShopLocket was recently acquired by PCH International as their commerce and community arm, and we’re now in a unique position to help entrepreneurs at any stage in their hardware journey.”
The team at ShopLocket is visiting downtown Las Vegas for Collision, happening May 13 and 14, 2014.
ShopLocket 2“We are thrilled to host our first meet-up in Las Vegas!” Gwen Elliot says. “Shout out to Andrew Boggeri of the upcoming LV Hardware Startups Workshop for helping us to organize our meetup. Hardwarians (and perhaps some software folks who are curious about hardware) from around the world will be in town for Collision, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to host our first Blueprint Hardware Meet-up in Vegas.”
Gwen Elliot says this is the place to be on Monday, May 12th if you’re a hardware entrepreneur and you want to showcase your product. There will be many people to connect with  in the hardware ecosystem from around the world and plenty of knowledge being shared.
“Also, have a beer (or two) on us!” she adds.
“Our team is beyond psyched for Collision,” Gwen Elliot said. “Firstly, the line-up of speakers is insane. We’re there to represent the hardware ecosystem, connect with fellow hardwarians and learn from entrepreneurs who are pushing humanity forward. Also, PCH International is a sponsor and major supporter of The Summit team so we’re psyched to be there to support the team putting on this epic event!”
“When I think of the VegasTech scene I immediately think of Tony Hsieh and his commitment to elevate the city through entrepreneurship,” she adds. “Through working on this meet-up I have been blown away by the community, and how encouraging and collaborative everyone is. I’ve been sending out cold e-mails to leaders in the tech and hardware community and everyone is getting back to me with suggestions for our meet-up. I can’t wait to meet everyone in Vegas!”
ShopLocket 1
When looking to the future of hardware, she says she is personally excited for wearables to become more wearable.
“More fashionable and less bionic,” she explains. “The collaborations between fashion houses/brands and hardware entrepreneurs is thrilling to see, and I believe it’s what the industry needs to connect with consumers en masse. At ShopLocket we’re excited to be creating a platform to educate, and inspire consumers to learn about and buy wearable products and hardware. We’ll be relaunching something quite exciting in June… stay tuned!”
Gwen Elliot says the ShopLocket team is hoping for a variety of #VegasTech community members to attend the event on Monday, May 12, 2014.
“Harwarians. Curious consumers. Designers. Engineers. Investors. Software people who secretly want to build things. Makers,” she lists. “People who are passionate about wearables to those are simply interested in hearing what all the buzz is about!”
Don’t miss this event! Get all the details and RSVP here.
About ShopLocket: ShopLocket was founded in late 2011 by Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis. What started as a simple way to sell from any website quickly grew into something so much bigger. ShopLocket today is a platform that helps entrepreneurs bring their products to life and into the hands of their consumers. We do this through our flexible pre-order solution, shopping cart, and customer management tools. We are also committed to capturing and sharing the entrepreneurial journey through ShopLocket Stories, conversations with hardware CEOs about their journeys as founders, and through launch resources developed in collaboration with some of the most innovative product creators of our time.
About Collision: Collision is a new two day tech event run by the team behind The Summit. The conference will bring together 1,000 tech industry leaders and a curated group of early stage startups in Las Vegas this May. Collision takes place on May 13th and 14th, 2014 in The Western Hotel on Fremont St and 8th St, Downtown Las Vegas. Collision will be attended by over 1,000 highly influential speakers, investors and media from the tech industry. There will also be a select group of the world’s Top 150 startups exhibiting at the event through the Collide Startup track.