Community members are invited to head to Work In Progress on September 17, 2014 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm for ROCeteer Workshop: An Introduction Into Consciouspreneur Fitness With 222 Evolve.
Consciouspreneur and founder of The Fit Labs, The Reset Project and 222 Evolve James M. Wong presents a workshop on what makes up the 10 week Consciouspreneur Fitness program.
James Wong222 Evolve is an innovative and progressive platform for conscious living and consciouspreneur education,” James Wong said. “We are helping individuals with holistic health, fitness and wellness by offering access to local, non GMO organic foods, advice and hands on training with evolving your lifestyle into a more conscious and locally focused path. Improving our global situation starts with us contributing locally and making habit of giving selfless to your community when you opportunities arise. From as big as donating time with local charities to as small as being neighborly and opening a door for someone.”
The mission of 222 Evolve is to assist those interested in living a conscious lifestyle.
“We hack the old-school health and wellness model with education and social engagement,” he explained. “We are a catalyst for consciouspreneurs, helping them thrive by using simplified systems and laser focus. We are agents of change.”
James Wong has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and has always believed that everyone, no matter age or background, is an athlete. Just as elite athletes train for their sport every single day, eat for their sport and follow recovery protocol for their sport, he believe being an entrepreneur is a sport and those who play should train.
“Having a training and nutrition routine that is not tailored for your lifestyle doesn’t make sense if your investment is in your future self,” he said.  “We are all playing a sport and your game requires you to perform very specific mental and physical athletic skills on a 24/7 basis. I have trained dozens of people of all ages, physical abilities and emotional and wellness states with great success using this approach.”
Roceteer“When I met the ROCeteer leaders we both agreed that there is a bigger audience in downtown Las Vegas that would benefit from the philosophy of Consciouspreneur Fitness,” he added.
The September 17, 2014 event is open to everyone, especially those who feel stuck on a hamster wheel, consistently tired, experience chronic pain, health and happiness are important to you, or you’d like to sleep better.
“Downtown Vegas entrepreneurs are the main reason ROCeteer is hosting this but there is something for everyone,” James Wong said.