ng-Vegas is the premier Angular conference that will be held at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort on May 7-8, 2015. Join industry experts, Angular team members, and passionate individuals at this event.
Joe Eames“ng-vegas is an Angular focused, two-day, single-track conference held at the Westin Lake Las Vegas resort,” said Joe Eames, organizer for the event. “The conference is patterned after ng-conf, the main Angular conference. Angular is a hot technology, and conferences like this one bring knowledge and career opportunities to attendees. Companies sponsoring the event include and among others.”
Eames says web developer at any level should attend this event.
“Talks are presented by local and national community experts, as well as several members of the Angular team from Google,” he explained.
In addition to the conference, attendees can sign-up for two workshops on May 6, 2015. Both workshops do not require a conference ticket to attend.
Angular 2 Workshop tickets are $400 pus a $10 processing fee. This workshop is for Wednesday May 6th. The workshop starts at 10am and goes until 5pm. John Lindquist from is the instructor. This workshop is an introduction to Angular 2 and will cover such topics as components, template syntax, services, and server communication
Ionic Framework Workshop tickets are $200 plus a $10 processing fee. This workshop is for Wednesday May 6th. The workshop starts at 1pm and goes until 4pm. Terence Carroll is the instructor.
This workshop will provide hands-on introduction to mobile development using the Ionic Framework. Built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS, Ionic is a free and open source library for building highly interactive mobile apps. Participants will learn first-hand the process of creating, building, and publishing a real cross-platform mobile app for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Topics covered include setting up a mobile development environment, planning and designing your app, building the UI, adding logic, testing, and deploying to the app store. A solid understanding of JavaScript and familiarity with the AngularJS framework is recommended. No previous mobile development experience is required, though knowledge of basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript is necessary, including some comfort with the command line.
Conference tickets and workshop tickets can be purchased here.