The team at The Innevation Center recently announced their launch of Mentor Hours in January 2016.
“We continuously work to provide not only our members, but the entire community with the resources they need to be successful,” said Nicole Hauser, Media & Event Manager at The Innevation Center. “Mentor Hours help them connect with other successful people and allow them to grow and move forward with their business or idea.  The Innevation Center has had great success so far with Mentor Hours in 2016.”
Mike BertagnolliThis month, Hauser says the team is excited to bring Michael Bertagnolli to The Innevation Center to discuss educational opportunities in the Cyber Security industry.
Michael Bertagnolli is the Veteran Liaison for Cyber World Institute in Las Vegas. His role allows him to help fellow veterans and their family members utilize their military benefits as students at Cyber World Institute. He can answer any community questions about the many different fields in cyber security, as well as specific courses at Cyber World Institute that can help launch your career.
“Cyber World Institute is an Official Training Partner of many Certifying Authorities such as CompTIA, ISC2, EC-Council, Cisco, and Microsoft,” said Bertagnolli.  “The company has been operating for the past 30 years in IT training and certification programs. Additionally, we are in partnership with to deliver “world class” training and education supported by use of the Michigan Cyber Range. This Cyber Range is the most state-of- the-art deliverable training method to ensure “skills set” learning by use of Alphaville, a virtual environment to practice and hone Cybersecurity skills. Students receive the official training, plus access to the Cyber Range.”
Through the strategic partnership between Cyber World Institute and The Innevation Center, the two set up the Mentor Hours to ensure IT professionals know the benefits of the cloud and cyber security certifications.
“Unemployment in the IT sector is 0% nationally,” said Bertagnolli. “We have an increasing threat landscape and the talent pipeline is depleted. We must develop a cyber security talent pool. As emerging technologies are being driven to cloud, the CCSP credential is an essential element to ensuring cloud security skill set.”
Bertagnolli said mentors have played a major role in not only his career, but also his life.
“My mentors have taught me the best way to accomplish tasks and goals,” he said. “They’ve also pushed me to set those goals. Mentors have also helped my map out the path I have needed to be successful in my career. The value of mentorship to me is having someone there that has walked the path I’m on and knows what lies ahead. They give you the wisdom and knowledge to make you successful because they want you to be successful.”
Check out the dates and times Bertagnolli will be at The Innevation Center in May 2016 here.
“We are always open to speaking to members of the community who are interested in participating in our Mentor Hours! Innevation is focused on hosting mentors that speak on topics which align with our mission of moving education and technology forward in the state of Nevada,” said Hauser. “Having said that, we like to keep an open mind and will entertain the idea of all those who are interested in hosting mentor hours to speak with us about it. They can email [email protected] if interested.”