Looking for a place to mix and mingle with high tech companies in Las Vegas? HiTech Vegas might be the perfect place for you!
HiTech Vegas is the meetup place for all the “Tech Entities” and high tech companies in Vegas,” says event organizer Lori Nguyen. “You can network with other tech professionals all in one forum. Monthly tech mixers, Vegas style. Established tech companies meet new startups all in one place.

HiTech Vegas Mixers

Lori Nguyen says she has been in high tech since the 1990s and moved to vegas in 1999. “I have always felt we needed a tech community in Vegas,” she said. “It started at a coffee shop, in a deep discussion as to how badly a thriving tech community is needed in Las Vegas. Myself and two partners decided to just do it. There are over 2,000 tech companies here in Las Vegas, but several companies are unaware of the tech companies in their own community. Local technology companies should connect with each other, conduct commerce or partner-up. At a minimum seasoned tech professionals should network and communicate with other people in their respective professions.
She believes startups need to network with established technology companies, so they can partner or conduct commerce with established brands. From getting new customers, partners, affiliates, or other relationships, Lori Nguyen believes Vegas Tech startups can benefit from meeting high tech companies at HiTech Vegas events.
Startups can meet several Las Vegas top technology companies in one forum – HiTech Vegas,” she says. “Established companies can learn about new technologies, new products, partner, conduct commerce, support their community and educate.
In her eyes, entrepreneurs face 3 main challenges —  funding, R&D expense, and a well-executed business/operations plan.
HiTech Vegas attendees include investors, R&D resources/engineers, other staffing resources and established tech companies that have achieved success and profits,” Lori Nguyen explains. “Our members are “partnering up” with each other reselling products enabling each other’s solutions or outsourcing resources.
The future is bright for HiTech Vegas!
HiTech VegasWe hope to launch a tech seminar series sponsored by a major tech company and 1 annual Tech Expo,” she said. “The community can help support HiTech Vegas by attending our monthly mixers, becoming members or sponsoring us. We aren’t just hosting parties for free – we need your help & support!
The next HiTech Vegas mixer is Thursday March 27, 2014 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Blue Martini at Towne Square. Register to attend here!