Join The Innevation Center community on July 31, 2014 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm for their monthly luncheon, dubbed the “CommunityCation Luncheon.”
July’s speaker is Axel Herr, COO of ProfitBricks, a cloud computing company that provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for companies and IT professionals.
Axel Herr is based in San Antonio, TX. Before joining ProfitBricks, Axel worked as independent consultant and established a variety of businesses in Europe and the Mideast for companies like GAEMS Inc. of Seattle and Telefield Ltd Hong Kong amongst a variety of other projects.
“ProfitBricks offers the best price/performance ratio in the industry, and with innovations like our Data Center Designer, class leading double redundant cloud storage and minute based billing. We are the easiest to use and manage Cloud available today,” said William Toll, VP Marketing at ProfitBricks. “We are a global company with customers from many industries, all benefitting from the freedom of not having to buy and maintain their own technology infrastructure.”
Axel Herr will be presenting “Games Development in the Age of the Cloud.”
axel_herr“I will be speaking about how the Cloud is rapidly transforming the largest entertainment industry in the world – gaming,” Axel Herr said.  “I’ll share insights into how games are conceived, designed, developed and distributed and why the cloud is rapidly transforming this industry, along with many others. I’ll pause and give a few customer case studies about how the Cloud is rapidly changing business processes and business finances.”
He says entrepreneurs, designers, systems architects, IT operations and product people are all welcome to attend. He hopes they can learn about the gaming industry ($100Billion+), the cloud, and how an industry is transformed by the disruptive technology of the cloud.
“Many of the concepts covered can easily apply to other B2C markets like travel and hospitality and retail and beyond,” he added.
The ProfitBricks team is a Switch customer and chose the SUPERNAP data center in Las Vegas as their launch data center in the United States.
“It’s truly a world-class facility that ensures our customers will have the best reliability and highest performance from the ProfitBricks cloud,” said said William Toll.  “We work closely with the friendly folks at Switch, we have mutual customers and our team has spoken at the Innevation center before. When the opportunity arose, Axel was happy to meet more passionate technology people in the Las Vegas area and share some insights on just how disruptive the cloud is.”
Get details on this free event and register your seat here.
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