Head to Container Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 to learn why containers are ready for the enterprise and why technical leadership can expect a future in which containers are a part of new standards that allow organizational agility. Containers have sky-rocketed into popularity, driving dramatic changes in developer workflow, operational efficiencies, and application architectures.
This one-day conference will have speakers from innovative companies that are already leveraging containers and how they are addressing security, networking, orchestration, and beyond.
InfoSiftr, a VegasTech company located at The Innevation Center, is a premier container solutions provider, global authority in development and management of container images, and supplier of full stack development services to deliver custom solutions. InfoSiftr has leading experts in microservices and container-native infrastructures and is a certified training partner of Docker and provider for all of their solutions.
The InfoSiftr team is offering Docker training the day before the conference on September 21, 2015. They will cover a rundown of Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Docker Swarm. Taken together, the Docker Training and Container Summit represent a two day container bootcamp for attendees.
“Containers – along with the microservices and cloud technologies containers complement – represent a new and revolutionary way of handling development, operations, and application architecture. Their impact will only continue to grow over the next decade,” write the InfoSiftr team on their blog.  “You have a chance to be part of that impact. On September 22, the container community is having another Container Summit, this time in San Francisco. We’ll discuss why containers are ready for enterprise usage – and why it’s important for leaders to get started right away.”
Learn more about the Container Summit and register and get your 50% ticket price thanks to InfoSiftr here. Simply sign up and use this code “InfoSiftr50Gold” for your 50% off the normal ticket price.
“This is a limited time offering and is only open for the first 15 spots. There will be no other offerings made after these 15 spots are sold,” the team at InfoSiftr says.