WiseBanyan, a #VegasTech startup backed by VTF Capital, just launched their biggest release since the company first launched in 2014.
WiseBanyan is the first financial advisor to not charge management, trading, or rebalancing fees. Through the use of technology, the team offers the same services as a traditional advisor and pass the savings to customers in the form of free.
“Codenamed “Milestones,” WiseBanyan now offers automated goal-based financial planning! You can create any goal on WiseBanyan (rainy day fund, 1st home, a jet ski… or rocketship!) and we’ll create your financial plan, automate the deposits, and manage all the portfolios and investments to help you achieve your goal for free,” writes Vicki Zhou, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, in an email to customers.
Zhou says WiseBanyan clients are investing towards $2.7 billion in retirement goals today on WiseBanyan and over 7,000 people have downloaded their iOS and Android apps.
“And we’re loving the engagement,” she writes. “Over 70% of our new clients are using an auto-deposit! Now that’s what we call being a financial OG. The feedback has been incredible. April 2016 was our 3rd consecutive month of record-breaking growth. I feel humbled by the fact that what started as dream has turned into a reality helping tens of thousands of people achieve their financial goals.”
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