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Startup Digest works with the best local curators to bring you the most relevant content from the world of startups. Every week, Startup Digest sends subscribers the tech startup events in their local community and a reading list of the best articles from around the startup world.
Startup Digest depends on local curators and everything they feature is chosen by curators who are active founders, hackers, designers, or investors.
Christopher Mohritz“I used to run a Startup Digest in another city,” said Christopher Mohritz, curator of Startup Digest Vegas. “And when I came to Vegas earlier this year, I noticed that the local Digest had stagnated. I reached out to the owners and offered to help revitalize the list. Overall, I’m a firm believer that the world needs more entrepreneurs. So I’m on a mission to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to succeed – Startup Digest is a cog in that mission.”
Mohritz said starting a new business takes a lot of courage and a never-ending need for resources. And he thinks Startup Digest is the perfect resource to help.
Startup Digest Las Vegas“My goal for Startup Digest is to provide an easy place for entrepreneurs – no matter what type of business they are starting (tech, fashion, ecommerce, manufacturing, etc.) – to get the information and inspiration they need,” he said.
Mohritz hopes the curated events list and the weekly newsletter will help entrepreneurs keep driving forward, and quickly find the resources they need to get the job done.
Mohritz said there are 4 ways the #VegasTech community can help make Startup Digest Vegas a success.

  1. Tell us about your startup-related events, meetups, etc. so we can distribute them to the community and help build your audience. They can be submitted here.
  2. As part of part of our weekly newsletter, we like to feature local startups. So tell us about your project. Startups can be submitted here.
  3. We can also help startups find new hires through the newsletter, and they can submit jobs here.
  4. Provide feedback. We’re doing this to help grow the Vegas startup scene, so the more feedback we get about what the community needs, the more helpful we can be. Feedback can go to @StartupDigestNV or [email protected].

“For this year, my primary goal is to get a clear understanding of all the resources Vegas has to offer entrepreneurs,” said Mohritz. “That way, we can get that information packaged up in a quick and easy reference for startup teams and the community at large. We’re very much in discovery mode and would love to hear suggestions.”