The #VegasTech team making a splash in the drone space is excited to announce a change in their company name. Skyworks Aerial Systems has officially changed its name to Dronesmith Technologies. The team says that this change marks a significant milestone in the company’s natural evolution, and signifies their continuing dedication to making the best developer tools for the drone industry.

“When we founded Skyworks Aerial Systems in 2014, our team set out to enable drone makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs by lowering the barrier to entry into robotics with proper tools,” writes CEO Jinger Zeng. “We learned a lot in the past two years; from peers, from our advisors, and from our customers. We discovered that drone developers are the most important part of the industry that links underlying technology to solution providers. And yet, they are the most underserved craftsmen when it comes to the execution of their designs. Ultimately, we deduced that the craft of dronesmithing painted a clearer picture of our core message and who we strive to serve.”
“Dronesmiths is who we are and who we serve,” she continued. “We deeply understand how hard it is to integrate full stack hardware, embedded systems, software framework, and application development. People have spent anywhere from months to years sourcing components and detail-digging on fragments of the system that will eventually become commoditized or irrelevant. Instead they could be focusing on their end application and go-to-market strategy. So we created all of our products to revolve around one idea — make the development experience more efficient.”
Learn more about some of the team’s new initiatives and product launches here.
Dronesmith Technologies