The ongoing conversation around women in tech gets loud at times. So loud, in fact, many stories are lost in the noise. On February 28, The Las Vegas Affiliate of the National Center for Women and Information Technology(NCWIT) and Las Vegas Chapter of the Association for Information Technology Professionals(AITP) are coming together to fix that problem.
Paige Lyon, CIO of Affinity Gaming, serves as the keynote speaker for the upcoming Sit With Me event in Las Vegas sharing the story of her path in the tech world while encouraging other women to do the same.
The concept behind Sit With Me means validating the contributions of women in tech as people of all backgrounds sit in the Red Chair and share their stories.
The goal of this event is building local support for the amazingly huge gap in the small talent pool available for technology jobs in Nevada and the overwhelming need for quality applicants. For Nevada to grow economically and be seen as a place where technology companies can come to thrive, local talent is required to support.
Women can fill that role and need not feel the fear of stepping into the space. It’s not about culture, or a lack thereof, it’s about seizing opportunity and having your voice heard.
“You’re not stuck in a culture,” Luch Sanders CEO of NCWIT said. “You are the culture.”
Embracing each unique member of the tech world also means appreciating the generational contributions. Previous events yielded this truth out over time. These are quotes from previous occupants of the Red Chair. Search the hashtag #SitWithMe and the main account on Twitter for more:
“I sit to help and encourage our talented and diverse team members to thrive in this global and ever-changing world.”
“I sit because it is important for girls and women to know nothing is achieved alone.”
“Each generation has something unique to add, and we should continue to support them as they grow and mold into the leaders who will influence and shape technology for generations that come after them.”
The Las Vegas Sit With Me Event is February 28 at The Space in Las Vegas. Register for the event HERE.