Startup company Zuldi is taking the touchscreen technology that’s become common in restaurants and bars to the next level. The #VegasTech-based company was recently featured on
zuldi iphone
Zuldi lets a server do all of their work on an iPod right from the table. They can send the customer’s order to the kitchen, accept their payment, and email the receipt.
Zuldi co-founder Hartej Sawhney, told that improving servers’ efficiency is exactly what the technology is meant to do.
“The kitchen is getting orders faster, the bar is getting orders faster, and the wait staff are focusing on placing more orders and upselling more items and, meanwhile, the customer is having an amazing experience,” Sawhney said.
Zuldi is easy for a business to install because it doesn’t require a major hardware overhaul. The entire system comes in a small suitcase-sized box that holds all of the iPods inside. A business leases the box and plugs it into the wall to charge.
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