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Their recent 2015 report Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management names VegasTechFund-backed LaunchKey as a “Cool Vendor” in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space.
“IAM leaders, CISOs and other security leaders should consider new vendors of IAM technologies and new IAM approaches,” the Gartner team writes. “Gartner’s Cool Vendors will not be appropriate for every organization, but these offerings and business models point to new directions in the market.”
Geoff Sanders“Each year, Gartner releases a Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management (IAM) list to highlight vendors whose “offerings and business models point to new directions in the market” in an effort to help CISOs and IAM decision-makers consider new technologies and solutions in the IAM market,” wrote LaunchKey CEO Geoff Sanders. “For 2015, Gartner has honored five IAM vendors, and I’m proud to announce that LaunchKey was among them.”
In the report, Gartner Principal Research Analyst, Anmol Singh writes about LaunchKey’s innovation and why it’s disruptive.
“LaunchKey offers a decentralized mobile authentication platform for multi-factor authentication, real-time authorization and physical access control,” he says. “It extends its authentication capabilities to IoT devices through a smartphone acting as an authentication gateway to securely communicate with devices. The innovative approach to authentication offered by LaunchKey demonstrates that this company is disruptive to traditional authentication approaches and an effective alternative to other out-of-band (OOB) authentication methods.”
Read more of the report and learn about LaunchKey here.
About LaunchKey: LaunchKey is the first decentralized auth platform for the post-password era and the Internet of Things (IoT) that turns the mobile devices customers, end users, and employees already own into flexible smart keys capable of strong multi-factor authentication, real-time authorization, access control, and identity validation — all through one consolidated platform.