Will Schmidt, from the Las Vegas Edition of Tech Cocktail, recently wrote “CheckiO Launches a Publish and Share Feature for Their Game for Coders.
“CheckiO, billed as ‘The Game for Coders’, recently announced the launch of its new publish and share feature. With this new update, CheckiO players can write, design, and publish custom coding missions for immediate sharing across the global coder community,” wrote Will Schmidt.  “The CheckiO team wants people, scientists, and innovators to add challenges they personally struggle with to the platform so that the global community can crowd source the absolute best algorithms or solutions. It rings similar to the popular protein synthesis game Fold It.”
“Maybe you code for Amazon’s department of logistics,” says Liza Avramenko, CEO of CheckiO. “There are a ton of factors you have to take into consideration, like how to optimize your route.”
“People who graduate from Code Academy aren’t coders – they’ve just read about code,” says Liza Avramenko, herself a Code Academy graduate. “We take people who have had the theory course, or people with no practical experience, and we give them real life projects so they can get a taste of real life coding.”
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