Zach WareA recent piece in Popular Science featured VegasTechFund Partner Zach Ware. The article, titled “Big Idea: The New Downtown,” talks about online retailer Zappos move to Las Vegas and the launch of a $350 million effort, called the Downtown Project aimed at revitalize a struggling part of Las Vegas.
“Zach Ware, managing partner of the project’s tech fund, approaches urban renewal like a startup—and hopes other cities will follow suit,” writes Steph Yin in the piece.
“We formed VegasTechFund, to invest in startups, and the Downtown Project, focused on real estate, arts and culture, and small businesses,” said Ware. “Because we didn’t come with the history and assumptions that city developers do, we asked different questions. We have been thoughtful about building things that are adaptable and can be tried on a small scale. It’s very similar to how you build a technology company. You find an idea, validate it, and grow.”
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