VegasTechFund announced it is changing its name to VTF Capital, a brand it hopes will better reflect its focus on startups, in Las Vegas and throughout the country. The rebranded itself to also highlights its changing focus. Now calling itself VTF Capital, it’s setting out to make investments throughout the United States in startups within the commerce and marketplace sectors.
Initially formed in 2011 as part of the Downtown Project, the VegasTechFund was created to support the Las Vegas tech community and attract companies to Las Vegas. It was started by Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh, Zach Ware, Will Young, and Fred Mossler.
VTF Capital
About a quarter of the companies it has invested in since then have roots in Las Vegas, including The Mill, a startup accelerator headquartered downtown, and Rolltech, an app company for bowling enthusiasts. It’s also an investor in the social media company Banjo and Local Motors. Both companies have operations in Las Vegas.
But the majority of its investments have been outside of Las Vegas in startups from Los Angeles to New York, including food delivery service Thrive Market and daily fantasy platform FanDuel. The fund lists both Las Vegas and San Francisco as its locations on its website.
As it stands, the firm has made more than 90 investments, with 70 percent based outside Las Vegas.
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