Danielle Morrill and her team at Mattermark published their list of most promising Series A candidates for 2015. Three of the 20 companies listed have had an investment by the VegasTechFund, a seed stage investment fund focused on investing in founders and startups solving huge problems who are committed to building a vibrant, connected tech community in downtown Las Vegas.
“Based on our analysis, which you can read in greater detail here, these are the top 20 companies who look primed to raise a Series A soon (or already have, but didn’t announce it yet),” wrote Danielle Morrill in her post. “I’ve filtered by startups who last raised between September 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014 with at least 15 employees and at least 20% employee growth in the past 6 months.”
Will Young“I was really excited to see a few VegasTechFund companies on this list,” said Will Young, General Partner at VegasTechFund. “They are a good example of the diversity we have in our portfolio.”
The top three promising Series A candidates are EstimoteRise, and  Happify. Close behind were three VegasTechFund funded startups — Ministry of Supply, Karma, and CheckIO.
“I really love the fashion/retail space (with my Zappos background) and I love how the Ministry Of Supply  team is reinventing the category. If you have never touched some of their clothes, it will immediately wow you,” said Will Young.
“As a consumer, I freaking love Karma’s product. It’s a mobile wifi solution that just makes sense,” he continued. “As an investor, Steven (CEO) also has a special place in my heart. The dude sends weekly investor updates. And they are thoughtful! I look forward to them every week.”
“And then our very own Liza! Liza moved to Vegas a while back from Boston (where she came from TechStars Boston),” said Will Young. ” The CheckIO recently won an AWS startup competition in SF and I cannot wait for their new product launch later this year (really reinventing the game for coders).”
Check out the full list and learn more about how Mattermark determined the top startups here.