The Innevation Center is a one-of-a-kind public/private conference, collaboration & coworking environment created by Switch. The mission is to boost and diversify Nevada’s economy. Below is top news that happened for The Innevation Center during the week of February 1, 2015.
The Innevation Center
#1 – February Meetup Schedule
The Innevation Center is home to many meetups in the VegasTech community. Check out the list of those taking place in February 2015 here.
#2 – Volunteer at Cashman Middle School
Cashman Middle School students are participating in a NASCAR/racing-focused partnership project this month.
“In teams of two, the students will build and race a car (mousetrap, CO2 or solar-powered). The cars will be judged in several categories, including distance, teamwork, design and sportsmanship,” The Innevation Center team wrote on their blog. “Cashman will host both preliminary qualifier races and a final race. The Top 25 teams who qualify for the final race will also be invited to attend a Fuel for Success field trip to the NASCAR finals on March 8 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway!”
The team at The Innevation Center is helping to recruit volunteers to assist with judging on the qualifying race days (February 10, 11, 12)  and on the final race day (February 26). Get more details here.