The Innevation Center is a one-of-a-kind public/private conference, collaboration & coworking environment created by Switch. The mission is to boost and diversify Nevada’s economy. Below is top news that happened for The Innevation Center during the week of December 15, 2014.
#1 – Recycling at Innevation
The Innevation Center has started recycling. If you co-work at the space, or are attending an event there in the coming months, read this overview of the changes at the facility.
#2 – JusCollege’s All-Greek Leadership Conference 2014
JusCollege, a local startup that calls The Innevation Center home, welcomed nearly 100 influential students from campuses across the country for their All-Greek Leadership Conference.
Greek leaders from the University of Arizona, Colorado University, Boulder, UNLV, FSU, USC, University of Indiana, and more met at The Innevation Center on December 20, 2014.
“Representatives from companies and organizations such as the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Project and, of course, JusCollege, spoke to the attendees about the thriving ecosystem of #VegasTech and what it has to offer,” The Innevation Center team wrote on their blog. “JusCollege talked about the various experiences their company provides. In 2014, JusCollege’s experiences brought 60,000+ students to Las Vegas.”