The Innevation Center recently launched a new blog! Below is top news that happened during the week of June 2, 2014.
#1 – Las Vegas Virtual Reality Meetup Joins Innevation
After winning a hackathon, members of Originate‘s Las Vegas team decided to form a Meetup group to continue working with and learning about virtual reality. Read the story from the group’s coordinator Rob Mallery here.
#2 – June Meetup Schedule
Did you know The Innevation Center hosts 11 Meetups each month? If you’re interested in joining any of the Meetup groups, you can contact them directly or stop by The Innevation Center at one of their meeting times.
Interested in using The Innevation Center for your next community or tech Meetup? The Innevation team says they love having these incredible minds gathered and they are open to new additions.
See the full list of June Meetups at The Innevation Center here.
#3 – Tech Talk Tuesday: Apple Introduces iOS 8

“Today, we’re looking at TechCrunch’s article on the new Apple iOS 8,” wrote the team at the Innevation Center in this blog post. “Last year, Apple revealed the biggest change to-date of iOS, the mobile operating system that many of us have been using for years. Now, the true evolution begins. Jony Ive and the iOS team have had plenty of time to listen to feedback and dig deeper into features introduced before Ive ever took control of software. And finally, iOS 8 is here. Changes to the operating system include an updated notification center, new mail features, a new version of the keyboard called QuickType, several changes to iMessage, and the ability to reach your pal, Siri, without pressing any buttons.”