MitooAndrew Crump, CEO and Co-Founder of VegasTechFund-backed Mitoo, shared his team’s guiding principles that ultimately drive Mitoo’s over 50%/month growth in his latest post on Medium.
“For the last 18 months at Mitoo we have have been putting together an internal guide to help steer the team on the path to growth and success. We call it our Playbook,” Crump writes. “Now that we are really hitting the growth curve, looking back at the playbook it’s clear how important these details have been to our success. It contains lots of juicy stuff from the last 4 years of building and 18 months of having a Mitoo live (even if the first version was pretty average).”
Crump says this piece is hopefully the first of many articles from the Mitoo Playbook.
Read the first post here.