Kenny Eliason, owner of downtown Las Vegas NeONBRAND, was recently named News 3 KSNV’s tech expert.
“The station was really looking to expand their technology information and wanted to bring in someone from the local area that could share their knowledge on air,” said Eliason. “I happened to be in the right place at the right time and got recommended by a close friend for the part.”
Eliason says when it comes to technology, he is really passionate. This made him the perfect person to talk about technology on News 3.
“I like cool tech and even more importantly, I like tech that works,” he explained. “I’ve spent countless hours researching technology for my own business and personal needs and feel like I’ve got a really good understanding on what works and what doesn’t, so it’s awesome that I get a chance to share it.”
So far, his favorite segment was the coverage on personal transportation devices. “I got to ride a hoverboard on air!” said Eliason.

This December, Eliason will be involved in a segment on gifts for the tech enthusiasts in your family for the holidays.
“We’ll be talking about tech gift ideas for various age groups. Should be fun times. It will air on December 19, 2015,” he said.