Michael Dixon, as general manager of IBM’s “smarter cities” campaign, wants Las Vegas to be a smarter city — and he gave Las Vegas leaders at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance insight to make it happen.
In his role at IBM, Michael Dixon travels to the world’s largest metropolitan areas to offer insight to local leaders on how to better develop and expand their cities’ infrastructure and better position themselves in the global economy. In early October 2014, he spoke at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Annual Dinner on how to integrate transportation, health care, public safety, education and urban management to grow Southern Nevada’s economy.
LVGEA Dinner
“An expert in data, innovation, efficiency, and solutions for cities and businesses, Dixon will share a truly global vision for Las Vegas,” read the LVGEA website. “The smarter cities business project examines the integration of transport, health, public safety, energy, utilities, social services, education and urban management, which are at the heart of numerous initiatives.”
Michael Dixon recently sat down with the Las Vegas Sun to talk about his vision for technology and its role in economic development. His answers have been edited for length and clarity.
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