#VegasTech loves featuring tech-related events, innovative startups, and other tech news within the Las Vegas community.
If you or your company have an event or announcement you’d like to share on the #VegasTech blog, we want to hear about it. We don’t do a story for every submission, though, so to increase your odds of getting featured, here’s what you should do:

Increase Your Odds of Getting Featured on #VegasTech

Increase your odds of getting featured on #VegasTech
Our editorial priorities are:

  • Technology events, conferences, and classes in Las Vegas
  • Breaking news with direct relevance to the Las Vegas tech scene
  • Information about Vegas-based tech startups
  • Interviews with people who are making a positive impact in the #VegasTech community
  • Other cool things with a direct relation to #VegasTech

As much as we love our techy friends in other cities and states, #VegasTech content is focused on – you guessed it – Las Vegas. If your topic is both Vegas and tech, read on.

Tip #1: Include Pictures, Links, and Supporting Documents

Complete and detailed submissions always get worked on first.
If we have to follow up with you to ask for more information, pictures, or supporting documents, that delays the process and creates more work for our contributors and volunteers.
Blog posts always have pictures, so if you’re asking us to do a post for you, include at least one photo with your submission.
A good supporting image can be a headshot of you, a picture of the venue where you’re holding your event, a company logo, or even a photo from your office. More is better, so if you can, upload multiple images.
In the unlikely event that there’s really no way you can come up with a photo that goes with your submission, let us know up front, and we might try to work something out.
Don’t forget to give us links to your website, any press releases or documents you’ve prepared, and plenty of information.
The easier it is to write a good post that our readers will love, the more likely we are to feature you.
Keep in mind:
We only send one follow-up email asking for additional information. It’s nothing personal – we just don’t have the time to ask for the same things more than once.
Increase your odds of getting featured on #VegasTech

Tip #2: Give Us Time to Write

Once your submission is complete, it will probably take a few days for one of our excellent contributors to write your post.
Depending on our workload, though, features on #VegasTech can take a couple of weeks to go from submission to published story. If we’ve had to ask for additional information, it takes even longer.
Here’s what that means for you:
If you submit something like an event that’s time sensitive, give us at least 2 weeks or we might not write about it, no matter how cool it is.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Stuff is Polished

The #VegasTech website is operated by the Vegas-based digital marketing company NeONBRAND – with extra help from volunteers and enthusiasts, of course.
Many of the people who work on the #VegasTech blog are professional marketers and writers, and they donate some of their time and effort to serve this community. While these contributors are fantastic at writing and editing things like posters and press releases, we’re not going to ask them to do that stuff for free.
We’d love to help share your tech-relevant releases and promotional materials.
Just make sure they’re well edited, high quality, ready for distribution, and something that the #VegasTech audience would enjoy seeing.

Tip #4: We Don’t Share Spam

We love the #VegasTech community! This website is here to serve them, not spam them.
Of course, we share about startups, promote cool events, and occasionally even announce new technology products that are available for purchase.
Businesses are, after all, a big part of the #VegasTech community.
When we evaluate submissions, the most important factor we consider when choosing stories is whether or not it’s interesting and valuable to the readers.
Nobody likes to read junk mail, so we don’t share it.
Your business is welcome to share with #VegasTech readers. If you’re just trying to use this community to generate sales without them giving anything of value, though, we’re not the blog for you.
Increase your odds of getting featured on #VegasTech

Ready to Get Featured?

We’re always looking for new material, so if you’ve got something for us, submit your story idea for consideration. We’d love to hear from you!