Tech Cocktail’s Will Schmidt reported for the Las Vegas Edition of about Matt Lauzon and his company, Dunwello.

“It was only a short 3 months ago that Matt Lauzon announced that his Boston based company, Dunwello, had successfully closed a seed funding round in which he raised $1.4 million from major investors. High up on that list was the VegasTechFund alongside NextView VenturesBOLDstart VenturesG20 VenturesBridge Boys, and Axel Bachira,” he wrote here.
“Lauzon has also announced that Dunwello raised a total of $1.8 million in funding to date and will be accepting a $250,000 investment from CommonAngels. But what’s most interesting about this story is the fact that the VegasTechFund had their attention drawn all the way from their own backyard to Boston,” the piece continued.
“‘Yes, VegasTechFund is an investor in Dunwello and participated in our seed round. They have been a very helpful sounding board and have helped plug us in to the #VegasTech community,’ says Lauzon. But the VegasTechFund’s involvement goes beyond a surface level investment for the company that specializes in helping every person at every company be both happy and productive at work.”
Read the full article here.
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